A Ruthless Need

Near mint dust jacket. Binding is nice and tight but slight spine lean that should correct. Perfect collectors copy.

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"Those who say they would write a book if only they had time will never become authors."

Even in the heat of battle, Geoff Fulton would always carry with him the memory of the night he was on leave, when his timely intervention rescued fourteen year-old Lizzie Gillespie from the oldest of perils for a young girl.  The year was 1937 and the place a rural enclave of County Durham. Seeing in Lizzie a girl of spirit, Geoff concluded that she might, with care and training, solve his problem and benefit herself.  So, despite a token resistance from Lizzie’s slatternly stepmother, it was agreed that the girl should become a companion/helper to his increasingly handicapped mother. But, in 1943, when Geoff returned wounded from the desert war, it was to find a Lizzie he hardly recognised–mature and highly attractive.  For her part, she could see that he was embittered by his experiences at war, for he now displayed a ruthless streak far removed from the caring person she had previously known. A RUTHLESS NEED tells with power and perception the story of a girl who, given the chance of a new life, burgeons into a talented woman of ideals and expectations, and who comes to realise that she no longer needs the support of a man she once regarded as her saviour.  It is a novel that will be hugely enjoyed by Catherine Cookson’s millions of readers throughout the world.

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Bantam Press

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