Footprints Of Lion

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As southern Africa is torn apart by a so-called ‘white man’s war’, Dallas Granger-Acheson and his beloved wife Lorna are caught up in a conflict between fiercely proud descendants of Dutch settlers and the might of Britain’s colonial empire. At stake, possession of a land rich in gold, diamonds and cheap human resources. Atrocities of the Anglo-Boer war take a terrible toll on soldiers and civilians alike. Lorna fears for her husband and sons-extravert Cameron; brooding and secretive Torben; roguish Duncan and Frazer, the youngest, softly spoken and artistic. She worries to for her daughters-medically minded Ellie who is never far from the front line and headstrong Meggie, baby of the family. None are left untouched. From battlefields stained with blood and concentration camps rife with disease to a pride of veld lions thriving in the madness of war, Footprints of Lion is an action-packed sequel to Shadows in the Grass. Love, hate, revenge, triumph and much more stalk the pages of this unforgettable new novel from Beverley Harper.

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Pan Macmillan

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