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Neither Brad nor Michele is joyful about their arranged union, but it pleases their socialite families to join their empires into one powerhouse business.  And they both admit that their spouse is more than easy on the eyes.  They play their parts as the happy couple, but each wedding day kiss awakens desires within the unsuspecting bride and groom.  Even if their wedding vows weren’t spoken out of love, Brad and Michele promised to be faithful … but not celibate.  By the end of the reception they are both aching to hit the sheets, but Michele has lingering doubts about Brad’s feelings for his sexy ex-girlfriend.  Each day together becomes a torment as they struggle between lust and love, falling for each other in the bedroom but resisting happiness in their day-to-day marriage.

A great romantic read by Roseanne Dowell.

Dimensions 102 × 184 mm

Jocelyn Hollow Romance

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