Seeking Sanctuary

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Theodore Calvert walked out on his wife and children Anna and Therese when they needed him most.  Now, from beyond the grave, his carefully crafted will is set to unravel his daughters’ lives all over again…

It was Isabel Calvert’s pious Christianity that drove Theodore away.  When he left, it was the Church that replaced him in his daughters’ upbringing.  By the time Isabel died, it was the Blessed Sacrament Convent that the daughters were calling home.  And while Anna rebelled and returned to the real world, Therese is still consumed by the life of duty and worship.

In the midst of all this arrives the mysterious Francis: a young, good-looking, golden-haired gardener.  Although the nuns are besotted by his charm and handiwork, Anna is less convinced by his motives: the killing of a magpie is a dark, eerie, ominous sign of what is to follow.  As Anna tries to unpick Francis’ sinister plans, she realises that the answers lies in finding out the truth about her own family past.  The question is, can she do it before it is too late?

Frances Fyfield’s Seeking Sanctuary is a brilliant tale of enveloping, encapsulating suspense.


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