Silent Thunder

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Meet The Author

Hannah Bryson is a marine architect who’s just been given a fascinating assignment. A Russian nuclear submarine called The Silent Thunder is purchased by the U.S. for a museum exhibition, and Hannah has been given the job of creating a schematic of the sub. She is charged with checking for hazards and designing seamless modifications to make the sub safe for thousands of expected visitors.

As they comb the sub, her brother Connor, who is acting as her assistant, discovers something odd. There’s what appears to be a mysterious message hidden behind one of the panels.

When Connor is murdered during a brutal assault on the sub, instead of quitting to save herself, Hannah single-mindedly pursues her brother’s killer. Suddenly, Hannah discovers that she’s being used as bait. But what could a killer want from her?

A great read by Iris Johansen.

Dimensions 104 × 170 mm

St. Martin's

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