The Dark Tide

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GET UP. KISS YOUR FAMILY GOODBYE. GO TO WORK. DIE… They say bad luck comes in threes. But for the Friedman family, bad luck is just the beginning. It starts with Charlie’s investments going wrong and the sudden death of a family pet. Then one morning Charlie takes the train to work – straight into a lethal terrorist blast. For his widow Karen and their children, all that remains of Charlie is a shared past. Or is it? When the Friedmans begin to receive terrifying threats, Karen turns to Detective Ty Hauck for help. Hauck’s family fell apart too, after a tragic accident he still blames himself for.  Now he’s determined to keep Karen’s safe. But Hauck doesn’t know about the secret deposit box, the millions in offshore accounts – or how people who investigate Charlie have a way of ending up dead…

A must-read suspense novel by Andrew Gross.


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