The Magic Bullet

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Meet The Author

Dr. Allan Parker has been working toward this day for most of his professional life.  Finally, he may have found the magic bullet the world has been waiting for all these years – the cure for cancer.  There is something in the blood of fifteen-year-old Taylor Petersen that causes immediate remission in cancer patients.  But there’s only so much blood in Taylor’s body, and so many desperate people.

One of the most desperate is Frankie Vico, a mobster who faces the death sentence for which there is no reprieve – terminal, inoperable cancer.  But with time running out, he’s learned of one last hope.  Now he’ll stop at nothing, including kidnapping and murder, to get his hands on Taylor’s precious blood. Caught in a deadly chase with only Dr. Parker to help him, Taylor will have to fight to save his own life . .  and millions of others.

An exhilarating thriller by Andrew Neiderman.

Dimensions 108 × 171 mm


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