Whitesnake – Live…In The Shadow Of The Blues

Whitesnake – Live…In The Shadow Of The Blues (2 CD)

Rare Japanese pressing.

2006 Dragonshead Music.  Made in Japan.

CD’s are in excellent condition.

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Live: In the Shadow of the Blues is the third live album by the band Whitesnake. Included are four new studio tracks. The album was recorded on a world tour which began on 9 May 2006 in Zepp Fukuoka, Fukuoka, Japan. The Japanese concerts were followed by concerts in Europe and UK. The tour went to twenty-two countries and ended on 9 August 2006 in NIA, Birmingham, UK. The album was released in Europe on 24 November 2006 and was released in Japan on WEA. The album features most of Whitesnake’s biggest hits.

Source: Wikipedia.